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Michigan Great Pyrenees Rescue



Michigan Great Pyrenees Rescue is a group of people interested in the welfare and preservation of this wonderful breed. We serve the Mid Michigan Great Pyrenees Club. Rescue was formed because club members were getting a number of phone calls from people needing assistance in finding new homes for their Great Pyrenees, from pounds and shelters, and from people who found a Pyr wandering the neighborhood.

The objectives of Rescue are to re-introduce unwanted and abandoned Great Pyrenees as valuable family and community members; to spay/neuter all Rescue dogs in order to prevent irresponsible and damaging breeding of less desirable qualities; attempt to keep Great Pyrenees out of the hands of laboratories, animal dealers, puppy mills and similar enterprises; to rescue Great Pyrenees from pounds and shelters; to aid owners in the recovery of lost, stolen, or stray Great Pyrenees; to provide breed education, understanding, and a responsible breeder list to all prospective owners; attempt to rescue neglected and/or abused Great Pyrenees.

Michigan Great Pyrenees Rescue handles dogs for a number of reasons, such as the following: the owners did not know the dog would get that big, moving and cannot take the dog with them, not the right breed for them, sheds too much, does not have enough time to spend with them, and so on. We also get calls from pounds; shelters and humane societies that had Pyrs turned into them, as well as from people who have found a stray Pyr. Lastly, some have come from abusive situations.

When a dog is turned into Rescue it is given a complete health check by a veterinarian, including heartworm check, a fecal check (if needed), and vaccines (DHLPP, Rabies) if needed. The dog is housed at a Rescue volunteer's home for a period of time for temperament testing. It is then surgically altered (spayed/neutered). The dog is then ready for placement with a person or family who has passed our adoption screening process.

Persons interested in adopting a Pyrenees must complete and pass a screening process. They must first be interviewed by phone.They may be required to visit a rescue representative's home to get hands on experience and education about Great Pyrenees. If all goes well, they are then put on the waiting list or informed of dogs available for immediate adoption. After an owner/family is matched with a dog, an adoption agreement is signed and a donation is given to Rescue. This donation helps to pay for the veterinary care and housing of each dog. This fee may vary depending upon the needs of each dog. A Rescue Representative then follows up periodically to make sure the dog is happy. All new owners are encouraged to join at least one of the Great Pyrenees Clubs to learn more about and fully enjoy the dog that has become a part of their family. Rescue reserves the right to deny any adoption and to remove a dog from an adoption if any negative indications are found. Please visit for our currently available dogs.

People needing assistance in placing a Pyrenees in a new home must fill out a placement evaluation in order to help us find the right home for their Pyrenees. A placement donation is made to help pay for the costs incurred by rescue for initial care and placement.

Michigan Great Pyrenees Rescue functions solely on fund-raisers, placement, adoption and private donations. All representatives are volunteers who are dedicated to the breed.

For more information please contact:

Brigitte (517) 521 - 4289


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